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7 days a week: By appointment only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment or discuss your project.
Serving New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Sinks can be shipped nationwide using LTL freight.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be done with concrete?

Concrete is a very versatile material. It will take the shape of whatever it is put into or mimic the texture it is cast against. This allow us to create beautiful dimensional and textural pieces and elements such as seen with our sinks, woodgrain tiles and erosion details.

Cement comes in two main colors. Gray and White. This allows us to create a wide variety of natural colors through blending the two. Although a majority of our work is either a shade of gray or white. We have the ability to create just about any color imaginable. With the help of pigments, we can have very colorful concrete that will match the color scheme and decor of your project.

With each project being unique and custom to the client’s design needs, we can also incorporate details like integral drainage boards, trivets, glass aggregates, semi-precious stone inlays, and textural details like woodgrain or eroded stone/sand elements.

How do I care for my concrete?

  • Our eco-friendly sealer loves natural, non-abrasive cleaning products such as Method, Mrs. Meyers or simple dish soap. Granite and natural stone cleaners may also be used so long as they do not contain solvents or sealers.
  • Do not use heavy abrasives, bleach based, or ammoniated cleaners such as Comet, Barkeepers Friend or similar.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and solvents such as nail polish remover and paint thinner as they may damage the sealer.
  • Damage to the sealer can be repaired in most cases.
  • Avoid cutting on, or setting hot pots directly on your counter. We can include metal trivets or a cutting board into the design of your concrete counters. Otherwise use a hot plate or trivet.
  • Heavy objects with burs or abrasive bottoms can mark counters when slid over the surface such as pottery or ceramics.
  • Use common normal care with respect to oil, acids, and foods. Cleanup spills as soon as possible to prevent possible staining or minor etching. Embrace a barkeepers mentality, meaning clean up spills in a timely manner.

Will it stain?

Concrete is porous by nature and thus stainable. However, The Refinery uses an advanced mix formula to make our concrete stronger, denser and thus less porous. Our high quality sealers further protect our concrete from stains, acid etching, and scratches. No sealer is perfect or bombproof, so we advise following our maintenance plan.

How heavy is it?

Our concrete typically weighs between 10-12 lbs per square foot. Most, if not all, well built cabinets will easily support our concrete.

What areas do you cover?

We will cover all of New England so a trip to Vermont or as far south as New York is all in a days work. But don’t feel left out if you live outside of New England, because we are able to ship our sinks and furniture pieces via LTL freight, so please contact us if you are interested in having us create something for you.